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The 5 Best Cellulite Reduction Methods for Men and Women of All Ages

Cellulite is something that can affect even those in great physical shape. Jillian Michaels started her career as a personal trainer and gained fame on the hit television show “The Biggest Loser” before launching her own line of weight loss products, but if you look at her body closely, you’ll see the telltale signs of cellulite on her lower body. Caused by excess fat in certain parts of the body, cellulite can make your skin look dimpled and impact your self-esteem. The best cellulite reduction methods listed below will help you take back your body.

Do Weight Training

You can eliminate the cellulite plaguing you by doing weight training. This requires using smaller weights as you work on the areas of your body marked by cellulite. The downside to weight training is that it can take months before you see any results. Some people also find that it doesn’t work as effectively as they would like and that they still have dimpled areas of skin.

With Variety of Treatments, Cellulite Reduction Has Never Been Easier

Choose Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has come a long way over the years. You can now opt for laser surgery to repair your eyesight, remove tattoos, and get rid of scars on your skin. Some types of laser therapy can target your cellulite too. When used as a cellulite reduction method, the laser will break up the fatty deposits beneath your skin. Some people prefer this method because they see results within a few sessions.

Opt for CoolScuplting

The fastest way to eliminate the cellulite that you see is with a procedure called CoolSculpting. Its name comes from the fact that it actually freezes the fatty deposits in your body that cause cellulite. You can think of this as a form of liposuction that doesn’t require a long recovery time and isn’t invasive. All the fat that the treatment freezes will eventually die off, which gives you permanently smooth skin. You can lose up to 20% of your fat in a few sessions. CoolSculpting can significantly reduce your cellulite in four months or less.

Massage Your Skin

Massaging your skin is another way you can slow the spread of cellulite and keep cellulite from forming. You’ll find a combination of products that you can use, including brushes, massaging electronics, and even soaps that have massaging nubs across the surface. Rubbing these products across your skin helps you target the areas filled with cellulite. The idea is that you will use enough pressure to break up the fat beneath your skin, which will make the top layer of skin look much smoother. Massage is best for newer cellulite and won’t work effectively on older areas.

Use Serums

You should also try some of the serums that are available on the market. These serums come from companies that spent millions of dollars on research into cellulite, its causes, and its top treatment options. Make sure that you pick one with both Vitamin C and Vitamin E because these two nutrients help heal the skin and can make it look and feel more supple. Though some serums look like lotions that you can apply to your skin after getting out of the shower or before going to bed, others look more like water and are much runnier. These serums can take a few minutes or longer to absorb into your skin and dry.

To get rid of cellulite, you can try the aforementioned home remedies like using serums, working out with weights, and massaging your skin, but the best cellulite reduction methods are the ones offered by professionals. CoolSculpting and laser treatments will seriously reduce any of the cellulite you see.


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