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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Lip Injections

If you’ve been envious with the full, plump lips that numerous celebrities proudly show off, you must understand that most of them are born with it. Genetics play a key role in the way you look. If your mother and father both had thinner lips, the odds are good that you will, too. Though you can find products designed to naturally pump your lips, the effects of those products wear off after several hours or less.

Lip injections serve as a possible solution to the thin lips you were born with and the thin lips that you dislike. Injections will last longer and give you the big results that you want, but there are some things you should know before your appointment.

Lip Injections Can Finally Give You a Red Carpet-Worthy Pair of Lips

How Long Will the Filler Last?

The amount of time that the filler will last depends on both the method you select and the way your body responds to the filler. Many women find that the filler will last for up to five months, but some women see their limps pumped for six months or longer. The filler will generally begin wearing off after a few months, and you’ll notice that your lips look a little thinner than before. You can make a follow up appointment for a second injection when you get your first.

You Need to Avoid Some Things Before Your Appointment

Very few clinics, spas and salons will let you call and make an appointment for lip injections without first going through a consultation. During your consultation, you can talk about your reasons for wanting fuller lips and whether you tried any other methods of plumping up your lips in the past. You should get a list of things to avoid in the days leading up to the injection. That list will include fish oil, aspirin and anything else that acts as a blood thinner. You may need to abstain from alcohol before your appointment.

There May Be Some Swelling

Any time that you inject yourself with something, you’ll notice some minor swelling at the injection site. In the hours immediately after your appointment, you will notice some light to moderate swelling of your lips. You may notice some inflammation around your mouth, and the best way to treat and reduce that swelling is with ice. Placing a bag of ice directly on your mouth for a few minutes will help. A small number of people may find small bumps inside their mouths or some light bruising as well.

Fast Results

Some women worry that getting injections in their lips won’t give them the results that they need. A large number of famous people went through these procedures and developed lips that look plumber and more natural almost right away. You’ll find yourself dealing with swelling for up to a full day after the procedure, though it may take a few extra hours for the swelling to go down. Once the swelling subsides, you’ll notice an instant improvement in the way your lips look. If you do experience any bruising, it should go away within a few days.

Moderate Pain

Though you might think that lip injections cause a high level of pain, most people experience only a small amount of pain. They commonly compare it to getting a bee sting. You’ll feel a small sting when the needle slips into your lip. This stinging sensation can increase as the filler moves through your lips. If you have any concerns about the pain, you can ask for the application of a numbing product first.

Getting lip injections can transform your life, give you more confidence and make you feel better about the way you look. You need to make sure that you understand the procedure, what happens during your appointment and what happens later before opting for lip fillers.


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